EVENTS > March 2022: Artist Sunday #1

Artist Sunday #1: Ten Artists Occupy a Church
March 2022

In the first half of this 30 minute presentation, (starting at the 9:15 minute mark) Artist in Residence Gregory Michael Hernandez presents an overview of the 14 art exhibitions during the first three years of Irenic Projects at Missiongathering Pasadena.

The second half of the presentation (starting at the 28:15 minute mark) is a sermon based on the story of Moses and the burning bush in Exodus. Moses (the greatest artist ever invented) reinvents the controlling / dominating God of Genesis, turning God into a emancipating / liberating God.

Music by Arend Lee Jessurun
Song 1: The Greatest Gift, Sufjan Stevens
Song 2: Treaty, Leonard Cohen
Song 3: Everybody is a Fool, Arend Lee Jessurun

Scripture Reading by Leland Merritt

Credit to Pastor Karl Baker for recording and hosting this event.