Asher Hartman
Asher Hartman

Photo Credits: Ian Byers-Gamber

Asher Hartman is a multidisciplinary artist, author, and playwright based in Los Angeles. His work often explores personal and emotional history in relation to the ideologies that structure Western culture. Trained in theater as an undergraduate at UCLA, Hartman later received an MFA in art from CalArts. Hartman's plays eschew linear narrative, opting for more experimental approaches to meaning-making. He has cited Richard Schechner and The Living Theatre as influences, as well as the contemporary performance landscape in Los Angeles. Hartman's work has been shown at LACMA, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE), and Machine Project, among other venues.

During this residency at Irenic Projects, Hartman is working with actors Michael Bonnabel, José Luis Blondet, and Philip Littell (pictured left to right) on a new production:

"It’s Better to Start Out Ugly"

Premiering at The Lab in San Francisco, May 18-20 2023.