EXHIBITIONS > Exhibit #18: WORD. Elana Mann and James Griffith

tar on panel
8" x 8"

James Griffith is a painter living in Altadena, CA.

The Sanctuary features James Griffith's paintings of cosmic phenomena and blackened landscapes, punctuated with words expressing existential longing. In a process that is as reductive as it is additive, Griffith uses one of the oldest, most elemental earthly resources: tar that he collects from the pits of La Brea, Los Angeles. With the paintings situated between a suite of 1967 Judson Studios stained glass windows, the shards of colored stones suspended between grains of sand further mediate the viewer's experience of living within dualities of the micro and the macro. With his fingers in the depths of the earth and eyes on the skies, James Griffith's work positions itself in the psychological space between.

His work can be found at www.jamesgriffithpainting.com

Courtesy of Craig Krull Gallery