Below are some of the past Artists in Residence. Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities.

An essential part of the mission of Irenic Projects is to identify underutilized classrooms on religious campus', negotiate an affordable (under market) rent for artists in need, and convert the classrooms into artist studios. The presence of artists on campus enhances the religious life of the congregation by fostering dialogue, providing fertile ground for new alliances, and encouraging new partnerships toward peace and reconciliation initiatives. In addition, the artists get much more than a simple room priced per square foot: they get to become part of an active community. They have access to restrooms, a fully functioning kitchen, event space, rehearsal space, outdoor communal space, and natural interaction with the rhythm of the surrounding neighborhood.

Irenic Projects also provides FREE rehearsal space to like-minded performance artists and musicians in need. These temporary "Artists in Residence" can have the freedom to take over the sanctuary when not in use, or use the fellowship hall, to workshop their ideas and rehearse for upcoming performances. It is hard enough for artists to pay themselves, and compensate their performers, while working hard toward bringing new visions into the world. Renting rehearsal space should not be as difficult and expensive as it is.